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Wild Jujube Roostock - Seedling Plugs - Starter Wild Jujube Trees


** 2 Pack ** You will receive two small Jujube seedling plugs.


Ready to be potted up or planted out. Seedlings grown from ziziphus spinosa seeds.

These jujube seedlings will produce small, wild, sour fruit. Grow them out for 1-2 years and then graft onto them for better fruit.


Actual seedlings you receive will vary slightly in size and appearance from photos. Pictures are for reference only. Most seedlings range in size from 5" - 8" tall.


PLANT CARE: Open shipment box immediately upon arrival. Pot plant and water thoroughly. Keep under shade in a protected area for a week to allow it to adjust to your climate. Do not expose to freezing temperatures. Plant outside only after all danger of frost has passed.

Jujube Rootstock - Seedling Plugs - 2 Pack