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Order Pear Scion Wood For Grafting

Pears are an iconic tree in our area and are often the last surviving vestige of a long gone homestead. It's not uncommon to see an old, craggy pear tree alone in a pasture, still producing loads of fruit each year despite years of neglect. We think the pear is a better alternative to apples in Kansas. Blight resistance is the biggest concern, but there are varieties which can tolerate fire blight. Our collection includes many useful and unique pear varieties that can survive with little care.

All of our pear trees are grown at our zone 6 nursery in Kansas. Browse our collection of European and Asian pear varieties and order scion to graft your own pear trees. From cider pears to canning pears, we offer many great varieties. We recommend grafting onto pyrus calleryana seedlings or OHxF97 rootstock.

Scion wood is only available in mid to late winter.

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