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Order Persimmon Scion Wood For Grafting

The persimmon tree provides delicious, honey-sweet fruit at a time of the year when other fruit trees have nothing to offer. We grow two persimmon species: Diospyros Kaki (Asian Persimmon) and Diospyros Virginiana (American Persimmon), including hybrids of the two. Most kaki persimmons are not cold hardy enough to survive zone 6 winters, but we offer several which do, so you can experiment with them in your own orchard. The persimmon is the perfect fruit tree for permaculture and no spray organic growers, as they thrive with little care.

All of our persimmon trees are grown at our zone 6 nursery in Kansas. Browse our collection of unique American and Asian persimmon varieties and order scion to graft your own persimmon trees. We recommend grafting onto American Persimmon seedling rootstocks.

Scion wood is only available in mid to late winter.

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