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Radically Resilient.

Empowering food sovereignty through perennial edible plants and trees.

Mad Cat Farm is a homestead and permaculture garden-farm in Kansas (zone 6), growing hardy and disease resistant plants for use in permaculture installations, homesteads and food forests. We exist to help you gain food sovereignty.



At Mad Cat Farm, established in 2021, our mission is to empower individuals and communities to achieve food security through the cultivation of perennial edible plants and trees.


Utilizing principles of permaculture, syntropic agriculture, and biodynamics, we focus on soil health as the foundation for growing hardy and disease-resistant plants.


Our nursery is committed to chemical-free and sustainable practices, only offering the highest quality plants, seeds, and scion.


With years of experience in growing food and exploring farming systems worldwide, we're dedicated to helping others achieve food sovereignty.



We never use GMO seeds or plants and offer only open pollinated varieties.


In a world that increasingly relies on technology to solve problems, we believe that nature's ability to adapt is all that is needed to heal broken landscapes.


Genetic diversity is our solution. Plant seeds!

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