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2022 - A Year In Review

Despite being the most challenging growing year we have ever experienced, we expanded our plant collections significantly this year, with the hopes of sharing these with our customers in the future.

A massive drought settled in and strangled production from late spring into winter.

In February, we planted hundreds of trees into our scionwood orchard, including apples, pears, sour cherries, quince and a few peach varieties.

In March, many more trees were grafted and planted into our nursery beds. Unfortunately the drought took a toll on these and we lost 50% of our grafts.

We expanded our mint collection to include almost 40 varieties (these will become available in the future as root cuttings).

Because our main nursery site is now completely planted, we spent the year searching for land nearby. We believe we have found a new location to continue growing our collections and hope to begin planting this winter/spring 2023. Our intent is to increase our persimmon, pawpaw and pear collections significantly. Along with a large variety of Jerusalem Artichokes.

Scion orchard.
Newly planted fruit trees in our scion orchard.

There are many other projects we are working on, such as a collection of Munson grapes, hybrid hazelnuts, chestnuts, useful hardy perennials, cold-hardy figs and mulberries.

As things mature and become available, we will update their status on our website. To be the first to be informed and to stay up to date, subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

Rooted fig cuttings.
New fig varieties leafing out.

The greenhouse ready for winter downtime after a busy production season.

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