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Comfrey plants

Growing Comfrey from Root Cuttings: A Guide

After root cuttings arrive, they should be planted immediately. They can also be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in damp paper towel, newspaper, sawdust or peat for 1-2 weeks. Never store them in the freezer.

Each root piece will grow into a new comfrey plant. Plant roots in a location that receives full sun with well-drained soil. Place root cuttings horizontally in the soil, about 1” deep. Crowns should be planted so the buds or shoots are pointing up and barely visible above the soil.


Note that once comfrey is established it can be hard to remove, since even small root fragments produce plants the following year. Make sure to plant comfrey somewhere it can stay long term.

Mulch the planting site with straw, wood chips, a thin layer of grass clippings, etc. Keep watered and weed free until the plant is well established.

Avoid cutting any comfrey leaves in the first growing season. This will allow the plant to be more robust the following year.

After a year or two, you can divide your comfrey plants by digging and cutting them into quarters, or by taking root cuttings and growing them on.

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A lush, green comfrey plant with large, hairy leaves and clusters of small bell-shaped flowers, commonly used in organic gardening and traditional medicine.
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