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Dormant cutting without roots. Will require rooting.

Lomanto is an American hybrid grape. Per Munson's notes in 1902: "(Salado x Pense). Vine vigorous, prolific, healthy, not rot or mildew; leaf medium, having little pubescence; cluster above medium, conical, properly compact; berry very persistent, medium to large, spherical, black; skin thin, tough; pulp melting, excellent quality; juice claret red; sugar 6e degrees, acid 7 per mill, in very wet season; seeds small, few. Valuable for limy soils and hot climate. Perfect flower."


Mad Cat Farm maintains a collection of T.V. Munson grape varieties, which we believe are important for modern organic and "no-spray" growers wanting to produce backyard grapes without chemicals. Munson grapes were bred with the humid temperate regions of the United States in mind, namely the South and Midwest, which typically cannot grow grapes well.


Thomas Volney Munson was a vitivculturalist, horticulturist and breeder of grapes in Texas in the late 1800s who developed some 300 varieties of grapes. Many of these varieties are no longer in existence or are no longer available to the public. 


Cuttings are 8-10" long with 2-3 nodes per cutting. 

Lomanto - TV Munson Grape Cuttings